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Private Life Coaching

Personal Attention, Results and Evolution

Whether it’s finding a job you love, fixing your relationship, dropping excess weight or simply being ready for the next exciting chapter in life, the work you do during coaching provides immediate inspiration, serious results and lasting knowledge. As a coach, I  help clients move beyond self-limiting concepts and behaviors. . Coaches act as guides towards the discovery of your highest vision and your coach will assist you in remaining true to and fulfilling your vision.
Working one-on-one with a Life Coach is a very proactive process, tailored for people who are ready to engage directly in change. We create results.

Life Coaching Telecourses
Group Telecourses meet on a telephone conference bridge with a limited number of participants per group, which allows for strong individual attention. Group Telecourses are a low cost alternative to Private Coaching, as are all of our workshops and events.
Also check out our teleseminars for a valuable introduction to various coaching topics.

Life Coaching Workshops

In-person Life Coaching Workshops give an in person approach to group coaching.

One-hour Teleseminars

One-hour Teleseminars are great as an introduction, a refresher or an add-on to  Life Coaching and they pack a great value. Whether you’re addressing a “sore spot” in life or honing the design of your dreams, each teleseminar will result in a fresh focus to move you into action. Each teleseminar is recorded. So if you can’t make the date, you can still register and listen later at your convenience.